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eCommerce Landing Page Optimization

eCommerce Landing Pages

eCommerce landing page optimization can be more cost effective than investing in more paid traffic. By optimizing the conversion rate of your eCommerce landing pages and every page in your sales funnel you can generate a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) without increasing your ad spend. eCommerce Landing Page Optimization Example Think about what…

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eCommerce Analytics – Sales Funnel Metrics For Facebook Ads

eCommerce Analytics are more complex than the analytics used for lead generation campaigns. The main reason is that there are more stages in a typical eCommerce sales funnel than a lead generation funnel. Before starting a new eCommerce advertising campaign it’s essential to analyze your competition’s marketing. In Facebook, you’ll set up your campaigns using…

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eCommerce Competitor Analysis Strategies

eCommerce competitor analysis is an essential step in your eCommerce advertising strategy. Before you set up any ad campaigns you need to understand what your competition is selling and advertising. That goes for both direct competitors and indirect competitors. Direct competitor: A competitor selling a very similar product to your product to the same audience…

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