eCommerce Competitor Analysis Strategies

eCommerce competitor analysis is an essential step in your eCommerce advertising strategy.

Before you set up any ad campaigns you need to understand what your competition is selling and advertising.

That goes for both direct competitors and indirect competitors.

Direct competitor: A competitor selling a very similar product to your product to the same audience as you.

Indirect competitor: A competitor selling related products or different products to the same audience as you.

Why Do eCommerce Competitor Analysis?

The answer is simple.

Your market is receiving your competitors’ marketing messages and offers.

By knowing how your competition is selling their products to your market you can position your products in a unique way.

You can identify gaps in the products, offers and messages that your market is being exposed to.

You can test new marketing angles.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your competitors:

  1. What products​ are they selling?
  2. Can you identify their ​best selling products​?
  3. What price range are their best selling products in?
  4. How are they making their products look unique to their market​?
  5. Who​ are they selling these products to?
  6. In what countries​ are they selling these products?
  7. What messaging​ are they using in their ads and on their product pages?
  8. How is their marketing different to other competitors?
  9. What types of images and videos​ are they using?
  10. Why​ are they using those types of images and videos?
  11. What ​brand image and emotions​ do those images and videos convey to their market?
  12. How could they improve their products / offers / messaging / images / videos?
  13. How can YOU make YOUR products, offers and creatives better than theirs?

Resources For eCommerce Competitor Analysis

Here are some useful resources to research your competitors:

Resource 1: Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Interests

Resource 2:​ ​Related Facebook Pages

When you click the like button on a Facebook page, it shows you related pages that might

interest you.

You can find other pages to advertise to from here.


Resource 3: Check Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads & Funnels

You can also see any ads running from any of these pages. Here’s how:

1. Click on a page and scroll down until you see Page Transparency.

This is on the right side of the screen on a laptops and desktops.

2. Click on ‘See More’ and a pop up appears.

At the bottom you’ll see if that page is currently running ads.

Click on ‘Go To Ad Library’ and you’ll see all ads currently running from that page.

The Ad Library will let you:

●Filter by country

●See the date each ad started running

●Check the page URL that the ad links to and analyze that page


Resource 4: Audience Analysis

Facebook tells you when a person has liked your page.

You can then click onto that person’s profile and see their about info.

In their about info you can see other pages they’ve liked.

If you do this with 20 to 30 people who have liked your page, post or commented on your posts, you may start to notice trends in what they like.

You may discover a competitor that you’ve never seen before and get new ideas on how to market your own brand and products.

Resource 5: Google Searches

By searching for phrases related to your product or niche on Google you may discover more competitors.

Many eCommerce brands rely on Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to their websites.

Of course you can go much deeper with your eCommerce competitor analysis. I hope this guide has given you some useful ideas to get started.

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